18 pairs of recent Spring Zara sneakers that I’d purchase proper now

I admittedly hadn’t scrolled through Zara’s shoe selection for a while, but suddenly had the urge to see until this morning and I’m glad I did. When I tell you the Zara spring shoes are good, I’m not exaggerating folks. I immediately had over a dozen browser tabs open and they were all Zara shoes so of course I had to tell you about them.

My wish list for spring shoes has a lot of flats and comfortable slippers, but I also want to buy a few new pairs of heels, even if I don’t know if and when I’ll even wear them this year (although I do) I try to be optimistic . But Zara has a few paragraphs that took my breath away, and that could be very inspiring.

Shopping for spring shoes is the most exciting shoe store, as our feet have been stuffed in boots for months and ready to be set free. Zara has so many shoes that I want to free my feet with. Keep scrolling to shop my favorites.

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