18 Good hair accent that made me take a double shot

I feel like I’ve spent so much time on Instagram this year that I need something very special to stop scrolling. Obviously we all spent more days at home in the past year, so by default we also spent more time on our devices. (I don’t even want to talk about my average screen time.) All that scrolling made me pretty immune to Instagram trends. They just don’t have the same effect on me as they used to. Thanks to all of the screen time I’m stamping, they start repeating quickly.

On the plus side, now that I notice something, I know it is really special, and I’ve noticed this most often with hair. My saved folder has lately been piling up a good curtain bang, bright color, or perfectly placed highlights along with another topic: hair accessories. A pretty hair accessory can instantly lift your everyday strands from average to excellent and they are easy to add to your look. Whether it’s a few clips in the front or a beautiful scarf around your head, hair accessories will always stand out. Below, I’ve listed 18 pretty hair accessories that made me look twice during my days of scrolling, and all of which are not easy to wear.

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