16 must-have items that show fleece remains to be in model

Normcore was the buzz word in fashion a few years ago, but has since been replaced by other trending words. Like sports and grandpa fashion. But Normcore is far from finished. Those who thought it peaked with the frenzy of socks and sandals will find that it has made a comeback. Just check out all of the kettle suits, turtlenecks, mom jeans and – wait – fleece out there.

Yes, the fluffy blanket and faded sweater you reach for when you’re cold have received a fashion upgrade. Of all the things that are normcore and useful to make a splash, no one expected the ultimate comfort fabric to become a sought-after fashion choice. But in hindsight there were signs. It started with fashionable sweatshirts, followed by hoodies. Next came teddy coats with their irresistibly nubby and cozy fabric. Now we’re at the cutting edge of technology with fleece zippers and sweaters made from a range of faux shearling and sherpa fleece fabrics.

Need more evidence that fleece is still a thing? Well, both Bella Hadid and Hailey Bieber were caught flaunting the same piece of fleece from the MM6 Maison Margiela x The North Face collaboration.

Choose the fleece you want, but keep in mind that the old fleece you wear around the house won’t cut it. Here are 16 new (and non-stained) fleeces that are just as cozy but have more fashionable appeal.

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