15 tub oils that can make your pores and skin really feel simply wealthy

I am convinced that bathing is an art. Sure, you can run the water, get in the tub, soak for a few minutes and leave it at that, but that’s like going to a five-star restaurant and ordering a cup of soup. It just scratches the surface. To really upgrade the experience and transform it from a standard bath into something spa-like, you need the right range of products. (Trust me – we bathers know.)

Of the seemingly myriad bath products on the market (which include, but are not limited to, scrubs, soaks, and salts), my personal favorite is bath oil. Sure, bath oils aren’t as energizing as bath bombs and aren’t as nostalgic as soap bubbles, but they do make your skin feel soft, smooth, and moisturized, and that’s what it’s all about. Scroll on to see 15 luxurious bath oils that will make your skin feel just rich.

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