13 Heady Hair Perfumes That Will Make You Rethink Scent

Shampoo provides a refreshing aroma in the shower. But even the strongest don’t stay all day. Likewise, a generous coating of a fragrant dry shampoo does not create a long-lasting fragrance. Adding a dash of perfume to your hair is tempting, but the high concentration of alcohol in most formulas can dry out the curls. And nobody wants to sacrifice hydrated, healthy hair for smell, no matter how intoxicating. The solution? Hair perfume.

Not to be confused with hairsprays or texturizers. Hair perfumes create a refreshing scent, but contain a lower concentration of alcohol – or sometimes none at all. Hair mist can actually improve the texture and appearance of hair. Many are formulated with oils that nourish curls, fight frizz, keep color fresh, and add subtle shine.

Perfume brands capitalize on our love of layered scents by producing hair mist that compliments common body lotions and shower gels. There are also numerous options for those who want to turn things upside down and try something new. Plus, several hair care brands offer their own mist.

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