10 Thanksgiving outfit concepts that may assist you have got your cake and look stylish too

Thanksgiving is a time of joy, a time of reflection, a time of gluttony. Though often masked by the smell of sweet potatoes, stuffing, and all sorts of cakes, the underlying theme of the holiday is inclusion. That’s why families come together and friends organize their own celebrations (in person or via Zoom). And although everyone would rather eat in their pajamas, the rules of decency dictate otherwise. And so every year we grow up and put on real clothes. As with all aspects of adulthood, we screw up occasionally. We wear hip-tightening tights, we put on jeans because we ate in jeans before. Why should tonight be different, right? (Not correct.)

This year it will be different: fashion and function go hand in hand at the dining table. There are 10 fail-safe Thanksgiving outfits ahead of us that, to paraphrase the Reformation, can have your cake and look chic too.

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