10 nourishing hair masks to moisturize dry, broken locks

Gloomy cold weather doesn’t just affect our skin, wardrobe choices and mood. It can also do a number on our hair. In freezing temperatures, the silkyest of curls can turn into dry, stray, frizzy smudges that no amount of shine serum can fix. Strands need more than a temporary straightening. They need moisture and they need it badly. And hair masks provide plenty of nutrients to dry ends and colored strands.

Moisturizing hair masks are often rotated in the summer to counteract the drying effects of heat, salt water, and hair dye. But in winter we are sometimes so busy preventing dry dandruff on our faces and bodies that we forget about our strands and just hide them under a hat. #Guilty

It’s time to break the bad habit. We’ve rounded up some of the best moisture formulas to combat the moisture-wicking effects of arctic temperatures, central heating, and excessive hairstyling at Christmas parties. The masks deeply nourish extremely dry and colored hair that conditioners cannot.

In colder weather, keep the strands well-groomed with these moisturizing hair masks that fight frizz and add plenty of moisture.

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