10 celebrities who look half their age and the 20 magnificence merchandise they swear by

By now, you may have noticed that we have a soft spot for A-list beauty rituals, especially the rituals of celebrities like Sofía Vergara, Tracee Ellis Ross, January Jones and Drew Barrymore, who seem to be aging the other way around (and who deserve it) their own Benjamin Button reboot). What we love even more is that many of the celebs mentioned are kindly offering their favorite skin and hair products, treatments, and antiaging treatments so we can take a screenshot right away – whether on IG or in an online interview.

Regardless of our source, we’ve compiled a master list of Hollywood-approved serums, scrubs, leave-in conditioners, and more that are keeping our favorite stars from showing visible signs of aging. There is nothing wrong with the aging process, of course, but when you consider that the under 10 celebrities are all over 40 years old and look almost half their age, we are seduced by their secrets to eternal youthfulness. Curious to discover 20 Holy Grail products that celebs like Gabrielle Union, Victoria Beckham, and Jennifer Aniston use regularly? Keep scrolling! We spill all of the product tea in front of us.

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