♥~Girls~Curls~♥: Valentine’s Day Braided Heart


Hey everyone! It has taken me a while to even get one thing up. My daughter thinks she is too cool to have her hair done so now I have no model lol. I may have to enlist the use of bribery or just buy a mannequin that doesn’t look like it has lost half it’s hair lol. So I apologize but this is what I have for now. I will get something better up soon. She has to sleep sometime hehehe, jk!

For Valentine’s Day I did a Braided Heart for my sister. It ended up being a rushed thing but I think it looked good considering. Her and her fiance were going out to dinner and she wanted something festive. Here is the pic.

Thank’s for checking us out! Hope you had a nice Valentine’s Day and always find a reason to show love <3 .=”” p=””>

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