♥~Girls~Curls~♥: Twist’s & Flower’s


♥~Twists & Flower’s~♥

Well, I had to think of a pre-Easter hairdo for Chelina for the Easter Egg Hunt tomorrow sooo I combined these. I think it is cute and could be used for Easter as well.

I started out by sectioning off a circle around the head and the middle I put into a pony and clipped out of the way. Then I sectioned out 9 boxes around the head (the outer circle) and put each one in an elastic. Then I split those in half and connected each half with the one beside it and made the twist. I did this all the way around and put another elastic around to secure it with the pony. I then made the flower as I showed in the other blog I posted.

There you have it…a cute style for formal or informal days 🙂 Here are the pics.

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