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Fippy Flowers

*Somehow some of my post have been…not deleted, but not live either so these are kind of way out of sequence but I wanted to get them back up. I will have one day of retro styles, I guess you could say, being reposted but if you want to see our newest, go to our Sweet Sixteen post….I told you this was retro lol. She is now 16!

Ok this is a very simple style I did kind of by accident with a very pretty adjustable headband from Every Little Detail. She has all kinds of beautiful hair accesories! We love the Fun & Funky Flowers:).I was trying to figure out what to do with her hair after she had twist in and this just kind of formed. I didn’t do a step by step but all it is, is a Double Twisted Bun with the flippy end that is kinda wavy (you could crimp it) twist one side around more then the other which makes the flower look. Separate the flippy part so it fans out. Spray and your done. I just added the pretty pink headband and a white flower and I was done 🙂

Silly Face lol

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