♥~Girls~Curls~♥: ~*Braided Pull Throughs*~


I got these ADORABLE flower clips and a headband from Every Little Detail yesterday and couldn’t wait to use them. I decided to use the Pink and Sparkly Green flower first. There is still a sale going on so get over there before its over! You don’t wanna miss out on 20% off, just type in SpringFever20 in check out.

Okay, to do this just seperate the front hair into 3 sections, the top and the sides. Then braid the sides and split the top one into 2 and braid each one. Pull the rest of the hair into a low ponytail and make a lot of braids out of the ponytail hair leaving some of the ends unbraided.

Pull the ends of the ponytail braids under and through making sure it comes through the very middle top of the ponytail and then twist the seperate braids around the ponytail and secure with an elastic on top.

So now you have the 2 layers of hair, hold it straight up and back brush it and curls under a little. Then add your bow or flower like the one I got from Every Little Detail and your set! Here is the finished do’

Once again-sorry about the crappy dark pictures. I will hopefully be getting a new camera soon 🙂

Thank you very much, Jessica!

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